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Sunday 22 April 2018

Irish brands making huge strides at the ploughing

Domestic manufacturers to feature strongly at the event following a good year for the industry

Bruce Lett

After what was hopefully a good year for most farmers and contractors, this year's National Ploughing Championships promise to be a positive event.

In general, farming was on the up this year with good crop yields and prices all round. Tractor sales are up 15pc as well, as reported last week.

The Farming Independent is also doing its bit to generate a bit of momentum and positivity, giving readers the chance to win a new tractor.

In addtion, access to finance has certainly freed up, with Dutch-owned Rabobank (ACC) behind much of it.

The latest tag-team to enter the finance arena are John Deere and Bank of Ireland (Finance), with Deere stating that it has entered into a co-operation agreement with the Bank of Ireland to support retail financing solutions for its agricultural and turf equipment.

However, all financing appears to be low key, with some manufacturers not even advertising the fact that they offer finance.

The new agri-diesel, or marked gas oil to give the correct title, has certainly caused its fair share of problems, particularly among the contracting fraternity.

Causing this level of difficulty and hardship is just not acceptable and if it continues or worsens, farmers and contractors should be allowed to revert to the old fuel type until a proper and more acceptable solution is found.

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This year we also saw tractor manufacturers introduce models that are compliant with the next stage in emission control. So there will be plenty of new models to salivate over from almost all manufacturers.

Most of them went down the AdBlue route, with a minority going down the path of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) emission control.

Visitors to the Ploughing will get to see the various systems fitted to manufacturers' bigger tractors and at least one manufacturer -- New Holland -- will present its solution and its benefits.

Irish manufacturers from both north and south of the Border feature strongly again this year, pushing the boundaries of agricultural innovation and creativity.

McHale will launch its new baler range, Hi-Spec will introduce a silage bale handler with a device for removing the net and plastic and Quad-X will show its new straw chopper and silage feeder at the event.

These are just a sample of the goings-on from Irish manufacturers.

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