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'I won't let my Parkinson's stop my performances' - Richie Kavanagh

LEGENDARY entertainer Richie Kavanagh has vowed not to let his Parkinson’s disease affect his performances.

"It could take me four hours to get (to a gig) and I'm tired from the Parkinson's. When I get up on stage, though, I'm talking the whole way home... it's great. It's great to keep you going. My voice is holding up... I'll keep going as long as I can".

Richie, who is commuting to the Ploughing Championships from Cavan every morning, has been a staple of the event for years. It's a long day for Kavanagh, who arrives at seven and whose final performance is at 6pm.

"It's great - it's great when people are singing along. They know all your songs, from big lads to little lads... it's a great atmosphere".

"I've been doing this now twenty-five years - it was my hobby, and my hobby became my job".

Speaking about this new Irish Water song, he said he "didn't want to do a protest song".

"Instead I did it from the angle that the water meter is already there, there's nothing you can do about it. So you have to save water - everyone goes to the toilet but no-one flushes it until the last person is finished, and when you make tea you don't fill the kettle".

Richie has a new CD and DVD out containing 14 Farming Songs, which are on sale at the Ploughing Championships. "Look out for them in record shops across the country... even though there's none left.”

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