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'I took a break from helping Grandad with the silage to buy a new tractor' - Ireland's youngest farmers descend on the Ploughing Championships

The Ploughing Championships cater to the young and old, and spoke to a number of the youngest farmers at the three day festival in Stradbally.

JJ Leeson-Cronly (4) said that his favourite part of the Ploughing was seeing all of the different tractors on offer, the new Holland the most appealing.


Jack McCabe (5) had his sights set higher than a Holland - with his favourite tractor being a Lamborghini. Jack said he is having fun at the Ploughing and his favourite thing so far has been the cows because "they make milk and they're good to us".

Bill Cahill took a break from "helping Grandad with the silage" to come to Stradbally to "buy a new tractor". (His sister Emily got the blame for breaking his first one). He said that he likes being in his Grandad's tractor, which he's had "since Daddy was my age".

His favourite thing about farming is driving tractors because the "seats are comfy" and he has named one of the family's sixty cows 'Burpy' because "he burps a lot".

Brother and sister Trio Conor(14), Catherine(11) and GearĂ³id(12), are at the Ploughing to see the animals. Conor does the driving on their farm at home - "I'm the oldest sure" - and the other two help feed the calves.

Conor says that the family have been helping out "since we could walk". "Even if you weren't doing anything, you'd be up there when the cattle were being milked". Conor is interested in doing "something in farming" while Catherine is eyeing up a career in Veterinary Science.

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