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D&S to unveil new McCormick X60 tractor range

D&S Machinery Ltd will launch the new McCormick X60 series onto the Irish market at this year's championships.

Replacing the three-model McCormick CX range, the X60 series features four Perkins-powered tractors with engine outputs spanning a wider range.

The new models are the X60.20, X60.30, X60.40 and X60.50, developing 92, 102, 110 and 120hp (with power boost) respectively.

The fresh styling is in keeping with the McCormick image, but under the skin there is a lot in common with fellow ARGO stablemate Landini.

McCormick has carried over its four-pillar cab onto its new series and features a redesigned interior. In the transmission, the X60 series features a new power shuttle transmission, with three power-shift speeds and a total of 36 forward speeds and 12 reverse.

Lift capacity at the tractor's three-point linkage is increased to 5,000kg and draught-sensing has shifted from top-link to lower-link sensing through a Bosch electronic system with load damping as standard.

Three spool valves are also standard with flow dividers and an additional two remote valves are available as an option.

Hydraulic supply is quoted as 60 litres/min, which is decent enough for the intended market.

In the cab, the four-post design aids visibility, and the clear roof panel should be useful for monitoring loader operation at height. A heavier front axle, with hydraulic diff lock, is also a plus for loader work.

Brake booster on all models eases the pedal pressure required, according to D&S.

The company also says that access to low buildings won't be a problem, with an overall height of just 2.740m.

Standard is a Dromone hitch, air seat, electric three-point linkage control, auto PTO control and a large upholstered passenger seat with seat belt.

The McCormick X60.40 will be the flagship model on the D&S stand at the Ploughing and its list price is €57,000 including VAT.

Find D&S Machinery at Stand 243, Row H.

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