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Friday 20 April 2018

Connacht Agri launch 1000kg feed bunker

The calf milk trolley range will be displayed on the Connacht Agri stand.
The calf milk trolley range will be displayed on the Connacht Agri stand.

Connacht Agri are big supporters of the National Ploughing Championships each year, and 2016 will be no different. Seamus Hession of Connacht Agri was in touch to let us know about a range of new products that can be seen for the first time on the firms stand this week (block 1 row 11 stand no 258).

"We have a new specially designed ad lib feed bunker with storage of up to 1000kg of nuts and meal for placing against feed barriers that is designed to keep feed fresh and is totally bird proof," explained Mr Hession.

"The unit comes with an up and over lid for filling and is fully galvanised with stabilisers to keep at the feed face. We also have a brand new calf milk trolley range, from 165 litres up to 500 litres in capacity.

These can be supplied as pull-along, push, motor driven, or ride on, with options of mixing, pumping, metering, heating and rinsing. The big advantage is that all is prepared when you get to the shed in the mornings or evenings and there's no more waiting for water to heat up."

Browsing punters at the Ploughing will be able to check out a new telescopic extension pressure washer lance that is capable of extending to 24ft above ground level.

This eliminates the need for ladders while power washing roofs, sheds, high walls, chimneys, windows and gutters. The unit attaches by quick release to all existing pressure washers and comes with five different high pressure spray tips

Last but not least, Connacht Agri are launching a new diesel engine German ride on farm vehicle for the first time in Ireland. The unit is cubicle brush cleaner with bedding facility and a scraper on a one pass system.

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