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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Championship's 'voice' ensures revellers aren't left out in the rain

Carrie Acheson at the
PA system
Carrie Acheson at the PA system
Joe Fahy with his grandneice Roisin Lardner as he takes part in the Special Horse Plough Class
Crowds shelter from the rain at the Ploughing Championships in Athy, Co Kildare, yesterday
Sarah Cass cuts a stylish figure
Philip O'Flynn grooms Ballydavid Gorgeous
Niamh Moore and Johanna Cousins at the festival
Aideen Sheehan

Aideen Sheehan

LOST children, lifestyle advice and even the odd reprimand are all in a day's work for Carrie Acheson.

The 'voice' of the Ploughing Championships has been beaming out over the tannoy system at the event for the last 27 years.

A former TD and mayor of Clonmel, Ms Acheson has become renowned for her gentle editorialising, turning a public announcement role into a unique feature.

"Get in out of the rain at once, and get the stall-holder to make you a cup of tea to warm up," she chided visitors yesterday.

The immaculately dressed Ms Acheson, who is known for her taste in hats, preferred not to disclose her precise age, only revealing that she is "over 21 and less than 100, but you can say I am approaching 80 rapidly".

She got involved in the championships initially because of her involvement in Tipperary ploughing, and continues to work there as a volunteer because "it's the only place in Ireland to be this week".

Although it involves long days and a busy workload, there is no real stress in the job, she said.

"In all my years we've never had a child left behind on site," Ms Acheson added.

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