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Celebrating 40 years of Simmental excellence

THE Simmental Society will be celebrating more than 40 years of Simmental cattle (pictured below) in Ireland at this year's Ploughing Championships.

The breed was first imported into Ireland in 1971 by discerning cattle breeders who recognised the breed's high beefing qualities.

This first importation of live animals came from Austria and was later followed by importations from Switzerland, Germany, France and UK.

Embryos and semen have also been imported from Canada, the USA and Denmark.

From the beginning, Irish Simmental breeders have focused on the beefing traits of the breed while at the same time ensuring that maternal milk supply was not lost.

The Simmental livestock exhibit will feature a selection of national champions from Tullamore Show and commercial cattle showcasing the breed's ability to deliver profit for farmers.

Two Simmental show classes will take place at the Ploughing Championships today.

These are the Norbrook sponsored Ploughing Bull Class and the Commercial Simmental X Yearling Heifer Championship, sponsored by Bovi Genetics.

Meanwhile, upcoming Simmental sales will include commercial heifer sales at Ballymote (October 6), Tullamore (October 8), Fermoy (October 12) and Gort (October 18).

The Simmental Premier Show and Sale of pedigree bulls and heifers will take place on Saturday, November 3, at Roscommon.

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