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Plough option for ATVs

Light engineering firm Dermot Redmond Engineering, just outside of Bunclody, Co Wexford, recently diversified into designing, developing and manufacturing equipment for ATVs. After this year's winter snow fall, the firm developed a snowplough for mounting on the front of any ATV.

Owner of the firm, Dermot Redmond has expanded this range to include a yard brush and yard scraper front attachment.

The firm's snowplough features a 1.5m (5ft) blade manufactured out of 3mm steel. A strong rubber edge is fixed to the bottom of the blade to allow for positive contact with the ground without snagging on solid fixtures such as cats eyes. The blade is adjustable to the left or right through five settings.

A hand-operated pulley system is used to operate the height control of the blade. Blade lift is 190mm under its edge with the pulley system. Mounting of the snowplough on an ATV is by the firm's universal bracket. When mounted, clearance under the machine is said to be 200mm.

DRE supplies the snowplough in yellow for maximum visibility and safety. The unit is €695 + VAT.

The yard brush and yard scraper options are attached. Width of the yard brush is 1.75m and the width of the yard scraper is 1.5m. The yard brush is priced at €710 + VAT, while the yard scraper is priced at €595 + VAT.

For more information, contact DRE on 053 937 7082 and

Bruce Lett

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