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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Plans for 'super dairy' shelved

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

PLANS for a 3,000-cow dairy herd in England have been shelved by the trio of Irish farmers who were behind the project.

Irish farmers and businessmen Paul Bowes, Patrick Anglim and Michael Walsh are directors of Velmur Ltd, the company that proposed to develop a 2,986-cow herd on land owned by the Buckminster Estate close to the village of South Witham, Lincolnshire.

However, the farmers last week yielded to local opposition to the project and announced they would not proceed with a planning application.

A statement released on behalf of Velmur said the directors and their advisers had, reflected on comments raised at an open meeting.

"The company still believes that the case for more intensive dairying remains in the UK. The scheme in many ways could have met anticipated concerns of the village," the statement said.

"The proximity of the site to the village however would not be acceptable to the village in the circumstances," it concluded.

The South Witham dairy unit is the second 'super dairy' to have been shelved in recent months, following the withdrawal of plans for an 8,000-cow herd at Nocton in Lincolnshire in April.

Both dairies attracted intense opposition from local interests and animal welfare groups who denounced the units as 'factory farms'.

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