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Plainer cattle struggle but prices for quality lots are on the up again

Cattle prices remained steady for quality lots this week, although plain cattle were noticeably slower to sell. Dry cow prices are very strong, with an increase of €10-20/hd reported in some marts.

Prices were maintained for quality cattle on offer at Balla Mart on Saturday but plain cattle were harder to sell.

With 847 lots on offer, the best prices were paid for heifers over 500kg, while some springers with calves at foot also made exceptional prices.

Some quality heavy heifers on offer sold for €1.85-3/kg, while forward store heifers made €2.29-3.40/kg.

There were a total of 181 cows on offer, with some outstanding prices paid for them.

One four-year-old Limousin-cross second calver with a Limousin heifer calf at foot sold for €2,160. At the time, she was five months in-calf to a pure bred Limousin bull.

The best dry cow price of €2,140 was paid for a four-year-old Charolais cow.

Heavy bullock prices were in the range €1.70-3.30/kg, while lighter types sold for between €2.25-3.38/kg.


Weanlings met a good trade, with the majority of light stock making over €3/kg or €900 with the weight.

Heavy bull weanlings sold for €2.12-2.94/kg, while lighter types made €1.96-3.40/kg.

Heavy heifer weanlings sold for €2.32-3.36/kg and lighter types sold for €2.51-3.49/kg.

At Carnew, prices for beef cows, bullocks and heifers increased by €20 on last week, while all other classes of stock remained steady.

Beef and forward store bullocks sold for €650-1,070 over the weight, while store bullocks made €430-900 over. Weanling bulls sold for €450-950 over.

Beef heifers sold for €620-1,010 over the weight, while store heifers made €350-750 over. Dry cows sold for €370-930 over the weight.

In the calf section, continental bulls sold for €280-540/hd, Friesian bulls made €150-335/hd and continental heifers sold for €250-425 each.

Ballinakill Mart had 400 cattle on offer, with prices similar to last week for quality cattle but a drop of €10-20/hd for plain stock.

Heavy bullocks sold for €2.10-2.60/kg, while forward stores made €2-2.70/kg and light stores sold for €2.10-2.90/kg.

Beef heifers sold for €2.20-2.75/kg and store heifers made €1.85-2.50/kg.

Weanling bulls sold for €2.20-2.90/kg and weanling heifers sold for €1.80-2.40/kg.

Prices for dry cows increased by €10-20/hd to €1.50-2.10/kg.

Kilkenny Mart reported that plain cattle were more difficult to sell this week due to a shortage of grass, although cull cows sold very easily.

Bullocks over 500kg sold for €1.80-2.60/kg, while bullocks of 400-500kg sold for €1.65-2.70/kg and bullocks under 400kg made €320-715 over the weight.

Continental cull cows sold for €1.80-2.28/kg and Friesian culls for €1.30-2.05/kg.

Beef heifers sold for €450-875 over the weight, butcher types made €450-700 over and store heifers sold for €380-630 over.


At Mayo-Sligo Mart, bullocks over a total of 500kg sold for €1.84-2.68/kg, while bullocks of between 400 and 500kg made €1.79-2.90/kg. Bullocks of 300kg-400kg sold for €2.09-3.37/kg and those under 300kg sold for €2.20-3.44/kg.

Heavy heifers of 400-500kg sold for €2.26-3.11/kg, while those between 300kg and 400kg sold for €2.30- 2.84/kg and those under 300kg made €2.80-3.31/kg.

Quality continental bull weanlings from 400-500kg sold for €2.05-2.98/kg, while lighter quality bulls from 300-400kg made €2.29-3.30/kg.

Bulls of 200-300kg sold for €2.11-3.48/kg and lighter bulls made €2.84-3.44/kg.

Weanling heifers over 400kg sold for €2.30-3.05/kg, with those weighing 300-400kg selling for €2.13-3.18/kg and those under 300kg making €2.15-3.33/kg.

Dry cows sold for €650-1,600/hd and cows with calves at foot sold for €1,170-1,960/hd.

Raphoe Mart reported prices of €735-1,055 over the weight for top class bulls sold in the ring.

Beef bullocks sold for €750-825 over the weight and stores sold for €510-805 over. Beef heifers sold for €580-915 over the weight and store heifers made €350-895 over, while dry cows sold for €700-1,590/hd.

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