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Tuesday 23 January 2018

Pigmeat aid is called to a halt Conference on wild deer threat Wheat sowings to hit new high

The recently introduced scheme of private storage aid for pigmeat was suspended this week by the European Commission after pigmeat prices started to increase.

The scheme was introduced by the Commission in January to help alleviate severe problems in the pig sector which were caused by rising feed prices, falling margins and a sudden drop in prices in some countries due to the German dioxin scare.

Applications for private storage aid for around 139,000t of pigmeat were received while the scheme was open.

Conference on wild deer threat

The first-ever Wild Deer Conference is to take place in the Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone on April 2.

The aim is to start work on creating a national deer management strategy and will include talks on a deer cull and the costs and benefits of releasing deer species into the wild.

The conference will feature scientific researchers, policy makers, land owners and hunter groups, as well as speakers with international experience of deer management.

Deer have become a major problem in some parts of the country, where numbers have increased sharply due to the absence of a planned culling policy. Tickets cost €25, contact

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Wheat sowings to hit new high

Global wheat sowings are expected to reach a 130-year high of 224m hectares (553.5m acres) in the 2011-2012 season, according to estimates from the International Grain Council.

The council also predicts that the 2011-2012 world wheat harvest will reach 672m tonnes, making it the second highest harvest ever after the 2008 record crop.

Meanwhile, world maize stocks are to fall for a third consecutive season in 2011-2012 as higher ethanol use is expected to swallow up the predicted increases in production.

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