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Saturday 24 March 2018

Pig farmers to get €3,000 payment

Pig farmers will receive a flat-rate payment of over €3,000 each from the EU farm aid package.

Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney said the monies would issue shortly to all pig farmers with a minimum of 200 pigs slaughtered last year.

Mr Coveney said the payment was from the package of measures proposed by the EU Commission in response to the significant price drops for pigmeat last year as the €570m export industry was badly hit by the closure of the Russian market.

"The Government decided to match the EU funding for the sector thus providing for a €1m package," he said. There are over 320 commercial pig producers in Ireland producing around 3.5 million pigs annually.

The announcement comes as Mr Coveney received the report from the Pig Industry Stakeholder Group chaired by Dr Sean Brady, which set out over 60 recommendations for the sector.

It recommended a reduction in antibiotics with a standard for usage on pig units implemeneted by June 2016, ahead of planned EU moves.

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