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Saturday 18 November 2017

Peaks and troughs

The water system servicing the Derrypatrick suckler herd at Teagasc Grange is being upgraded

"Our water system here required a bit of investment and we decided to install a new water system this year. It is really central to good grassland management," said beef co-ordinator Adam Woods.

"It'll also be central to the trials we're going to carry out in Derrypatrick in the next few years - we're looking at a clover trial so we'll have to circulate bloat oil through the water."

Padraig Hennessy, from Terra Services, which is installing the water and liquid minerals system, says layout and positioning of troughs is key for good access in a paddock system.

"We recommend concrete troughs as with plastic troughs anyone with bull beef knows they love to run straight into them and do as much damage as possible."

Concrete troughs cost €195 and the piping being laid at Teagasc Grange comes in at a cost of €2 a metre for the one inch pipe, inserted 24 inches into the ground with fusion welded joins.

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