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Thursday 14 December 2017

Pantera stays in-house

German firm Amazone has launched its new self-propelled sprayer, the Pantera 4001.

The chassis of the SF and SX series Amazone self-propelled sprayers are built by Dutch manufacturer Agrifac but the firm says that the new Pantera is an in-house design.

Dimensions of the new sprayer are, according to Amazone, very compact at 8.40m long, 3.80m high and 2.75m wide, and up front is a new comfort cab. Powering the Pantera is a 200hp Deutz engine with ECO engine management to encourage fuel-sipping efficiency.

Payload is a 4,000-litre spraying tank and Amazone says that its Super L-boom is available in working widths of up to 40m. Unladen, the Pantera tips the scales at 9.2-10t.

Other features include electronic traction control on each wheel, hydrostatic dual circuit braking on the drive lever, active suspension management and from a safety perspective, forward-speed-related steering angle restriction on the four-wheel steering system.

In the cab, Amazone's Amadrive touch-screen colour terminal helps monitor and operate the vehicle, including spray pump speed, while the Amatron 3, with GPS-Switch and GPS-Track, helps control spraying functions and position.

The multi-function joystick acts as the integrated vehicle drive lever, steering the vehicle in crab mode, and also controls the spraying functions. Electrically heated and adjustable mirrors help the driver keep an eye on things behind.

Last year, the Pantera was built in limited numbers and production will be ramped up this year to meet demand.

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Amazone says its medium-term objective is the production of 100 or more of the self-propelled sprayers a year.

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