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Monday 23 April 2018

Origin label change welcomed

Declan O'Brien

Declan O'Brien

The extension of country-of-origin labelling to pig meat and poultry meat has been welcomed by the IFA.

The EU Commission decision means that country-of-origin labelling for pig and poultry meat must be in place by December 2013.

Describing the decision as a "landmark" development, IFA president John Bryan urged the Government to implement the measure without delay.

Mr Bryan said country-of-origin labelling for pig meat and poultry would help safeguard producers' livelihoods and protect consumers.

He said the move would also expose imports that failed to meet the high standards on traceability and animal welfare that were adhered to by European producers.

"For too long, producers outside Europe have avoided the scrutiny that applies to producers here. Compulsory country-of-origin labelling will clarify in consumers' minds what complies with the highest standards," Mr Bryan said.

"Producers who have campaigned for this will not tolerate any hold-up in setting up a robust policing system here."

IFA pigs chairman Tim Cullinan said pig producers expected that the introduction of country-of-origin regulations would clear up the confusion that had allowed importers to pass off their products as Irish.

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"We will also expect greater returns from the market, as consumers will make informed decisions," Mr Cullinan said.

Meanwhile, IFA poultry chairman Alo Mohan said the legislation would help sustain local poultry production.

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