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Monday 23 October 2017

One third of farmers still computer shy

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

More than one-third of farmers have never used a computer even though 96pc have access to one, a Dublin City University (DCU) report has revealed.

The survey, conducted by Dr Regina Connolly, a senior lecturer in Management Information Systems at DCU, found that 34pc of farmers had never used a computer, while another 37pc described themselves as "beginners" when it came to using computers.

The remaining 29pc of farmers said they were advanced or experienced in computer use.

Some 46pc of farmers had completed Leaving Certificate or a higher level of education, while 17pc had completed the Junior/Intermediate Certificate. The remaining 37pc, however, had not reached any level.

Most of the 165 farmers surveyed were aged 41-50 and 87pc of them were male, and nearly half had internet access from home only, while 20pc (one-fifth) had internet access from both home and work. However, more than one-quarter of the sample had no internet access.

Nearly one-third were not registered to use to, the online service from the Department of Agriculture. Sixty-eight percent use the site to register calves, to view herd information and single farm payments, while 13pc use the site to submit SFP applications.

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