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Tuesday 23 January 2018

Officials to be hands-on

British members of Parliament have recommended that civil servants should be sent to work on farms in order to experience how unnecessary bureaucracy can stifle production.

A report by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee said that officials needed to appreciate the impact of regulatory decisions that were taken which affected farming enterprises.

It recommended that the British agriculture ministry (DEFRA) consider a programme of hands-on work experience with farming businesses targeted at relevant staff that could lead to improved policy making.

NDC urges ban rethink

The National Dairy Council (NDC) has called on the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland to exempt cheese from its proposed 'Children's Commercial Communications Code'.

Under the current proposal, the code could ban cheese broadcast advertising to children under 18, based on the premise that cheese would be categorised as 'less healthy' than other food types, such as diet cola.

The NDC warned that classifying cheese as 'less healthy' contradicted the State's own dietary and health guidelines and could create reputational issues that would take years to reverse.

Irish firms in Cologne

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Twenty-three Irish food and drink companies are participating at the world's largest trade fair in Cologne, Germany, this week.

Bord Bia has co-ordinated a significant Irish presence at Anuga, a biennial event which attracts more than 6,700 exhibitors from 95 countries and 164,000 trade visitors from 174 countries.

While Britain remains Ireland's principal export destination, some 35pc of Irish food and drink exports are now destined for Continental European markets.

Ireland's food and drink exports to Germany last year were valued at €398m.

This figure represented a sizeable 30pc year-on-year increase.

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