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Tuesday 12 December 2017

'Off-form' herd and reduced food intake could indicate killer illness

Early diagnosis is essential for successful treatment.

If you suspect pneumonia, call the vet for advice on treatment and prevention.

Early non-specific signs of pneumonia include:

* Being 'off form'

* Dullness

* Reduced feed intake

n'Hollow sides'

* Fever (over 39.5C).

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Other signs may include:

* Increased respiratory rate

* Watery discharge from the nose and eyes

Careful observation of calves at a time when they are resting is required to pick up these signs. Check calves at rest periods and not only at feeding time.

Later signs of pneumonia include pus-like nasal discharge, and severe respiratory distress. By the time these are noted the disease is advanced.

High risk periods for pneumonia occur after mixing calves, after weaning off milk and in changeable weather.

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