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Numbers down but trade stays strong due to Northern interest

Numbers of cattle on offer in the southeast were well down due to the Ploughing Championships, but the overall trade remained very strong, especially for the better quality types, with keen demand from Northern Ireland buyers, farmers and feedlots.

Continental store bullocks made €2-2.35/kg. Finished steers and heifers generally ranged from €1.90-2.20/kg. The tops of the weanlings sold for €250-3/kg, with the good farmer-type continental bulls making €2-2.30/kg. Heifers sold for €1.80-2.20/kg.

On Saturday, Balla Mart had 1,222 cattle on offer. Prices were strong and up at an average of €228/hd when compared to the corresponding sale last year.

Heavy bullocks sold for €2-2.25/kg or €540-940 over the weight. Forward stores made upwards of €2.20/kg, as top lots sold up to €3.06/kg.

Quality heifers were up by €20/hd and made €2.08-2.79/kg. In-calf sucklers and cows with a calf at foot ranged from €1,100-1,590.

Well-fleshed culls made up to €705 over the €1/kg. Bull weanlings sold for €515-850 over, while the heifers made €425-615 over.

A special sale of U and R-grade weanlings is being held next Tuesday.

Dowra Mart had 680 cattle on offer with a big entry of heavy bullocks, which made €500-950 over the weight. Lighter store sold for €400-700 over.

Forward store heifers made €400-700 over, with lighter stores making €300-650 over. Heavy weanling bulls ranged from €500-850 over the €1/kg, with a few top lots making up to €1,050 over.

Well-fleshed cull cows made €300-580 over their weight. Plainer cows for feeding made from €100-250 over.

Carnew Mart had 650 cattle on offer with a strong trade. Beef bullocks made €550-860 over the €1/kg. Stores moved at €350-680 over. Weanling bulls made €350-550 over the weight. Fat heifers ranged from €450-770 over, while the stores sold for €320-510 with their weight. In the suck calf ring, Friesian bulls made €120-250. Continental bull calves sold for €240-440, while the heifers made €250-400 each.

Carrigallen Mart had 250 weanling bulls and 150 weanling heifers last Saturday with a lively trade for all. Light bulls made up to €600 along with their weight. Bulls in the 350-385kg weight range made €555-660 over the €1/kg.

Bulls weighing 420-495kg sold for €585-800 over the weight. Heavy bulls sold for €515-710 over. Light weanling heifers made €300-530 with the weight. Heifers from 330-400kg made up to €550 along with the weight.

The mart will host its show and sale of weanling bulls this Saturday, which will have 650 top quality weanlings.


The best of the heavy bulls over 600kg made €370-990 over the weight up in Raphoe. Beef bullocks sold for €445-760 over, while the stores moved at €285-720 with their weight.

Well-fleshed heifers made €360-850 over the €1/kg. Store prices ranged from €250-680 over. Prices for cull cows went from €600 for feeders up to €1,295 for finished cows. Their weanling show and sale takes place next Tuesday.

Numbers at Enniscorthy were also affected by the ploughing but trade was very lively for those presented for sale. Beef bullocks sold for €550-860 over the €1/kg, selling in a range of €1,200-1,670.

Meanwhile, Tullamore will hold a special sale of in-calf heifers this Thursday. There are 30 heifers on offer, which are due to calve this November and December. The heifers are all in-calf to a Simmental bull.

On Saturday, Roscommon Mart will host the sale 50 in-calf heifers. The suckler heifers are all in-calf to an easy-calving Limousin bull. They have tested negative for BVD, are all export tested and have been vaccinated for Blackleg, IBR, BVD and Leptospirosis.

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