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Number of Salers calves born here quadruples in five years

The number of Salers calves born in Ireland has almost quadrupled in the past five years, with some 8,000 Salers calves born last year, compared to just 2,000 in 2007.

This massive leap in the breed's popularity is due in no small part to the breed's strong maternal traits, as proven by the ICBF €urostar ratings.

According to the €urostar maternal index, a five-star Salers cow has the potential to leave behind at least €240 more profit per daughter calved than the average suckler cow.

This is the highest base figure for a five-star cow across all of the beef breeds in Ireland.

"Salers calf births are on the rise every year, with more farmers using a Salers bull for ease of calving and short gestation length," said Salers Society spokesman David Kirrane.


The past year has been a particularly busy one for the society, having hosted the International Salers Federation Congress from August 2-20.

The event saw breeders from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, France and Britain visit Ireland to compare notes on the breed.

Visiting international delegates were so impressed with the Irish-bred Salers cattle that several Irish-bred Salers cattle were bought by Scottish breeders and enquiries have been made about the export of Irish semen and embryos to the US and Canada.

Visitors to the Salers' stand at the Ploughing Championships could take home one of these coveted animals for just the price of a raffle ticket.

Valued at €1,500, the pedigree Salers heifer would make a great starting point for any new breeder or a valuable addition to any established herd.


Looking forward, the Salers National Calf Championship will take place at Ballinasloe on Saturday, September 29, while the annual Pedigree Salers show and sale will take place in Roscrea mart on Saturday, October 27.

The society will also hold its annual crossbred sale in Gort mart, Co Clare, on October 11.

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