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Saturday 17 March 2018

Northerners boost trade as shippers also get busy around rings

Majella O'Sullivan

Majella O'Sullivan

Northern Ireland buyers had a strong presence at some marts this week where shippers were also very active around the sales rings.

There was a strong live trade at Carnew Mart on Saturday with up to €3/kg paid for quality stock on offer.

Beef and forward store bullocks sold for €320-545 over, store bullocks made €210-465 over, beef heifers made €235-465 over and store heifers made €175-345 over. Weanling bulls sold for €210-645 over.

On the opposite side of the country on the same day bullocks made €200-550 over at Headford Mart, heifers sold for €130-475 over, cull cows made €350-1,100/hd, weanling bulls made €200-630 over and weanling heifers achieved €100-520 over.

Dowra Mart also reported a strong trade for the 630 cattle it had on offer the same day. Strong shipping demand, coupled with more Northern Ireland and local farmer buyers, helped to drive prices up.

Forward store bullocks and heifers made €200-400 over with tops making up to €550 over. Weanling bulls made from €250-450 over -- a few lots achieved €600 over -- while the plainer lots made €100-200 over. Weanling heifers sold for €150-300 over -- the best quality lots made up to €550 over. Dry cows made from €50 under to €300 over for the best of the young cows.

Maam Cross Mart had a bigger turnout this week.

Bullocks averaged €194 per 100kg up to a maximum of €208 per 100kg, heifers made €170 per 100kg and heifers made €170 per 100kg up to €276 per 100kg. Dry cows sold for €645-875/hd and springers made €525-925/hd. Weanlings made €178-265 per 100kg.

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Northern Ireland customers ensured a lively trade at Kilkenny Mart on Thursday. Beef heifers and cull cows sold well. Shippers were also active for the smaller numbers.

Heavy bullocks over 660kg made €235-470 over, bullocks between 500-600kg made €220-415 over, bullocks between 400-500kg made €150-420 over and bullocks under 400kg made €120-415 over. Beef heifers sold for €180-460 over, butcher heifers made €180-355 over, store heifers sold for €120-370 over, suckler cows with calves at foot made €910-1,140/hd and cull cows made from €20 under to €395 over for the continentals while the Friesians sold from €60 under to €110 over.

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