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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Northern buyer interest boosts demand and price

Majella O'Sullivan

Majella O'Sullivan

Strong demand from exporters and Northern buyers helped boost trade at the marts this week, where quality weanlings were high in demand.

Carnew Mart had a lively start to the new year on Saturday, with 375 cattle and 45 calves on offer and an improved trade for all classes. Demand for quality weanlings from live exporters was particularly strong.

Beef and forward bullocks sold for €260-485 over, store bullocks made €175-415 over, beef heifers sold for €190-474 over, store heifers made €165-410 over and weanling bulls achieved €220-700 over.

Prices for calves also improved on the pre-Christmas trade. Continental bulls made €175-325, Friesian bulls posted €75-155, continental heifers made €135-215 and Angus and Hereford heifers, €105-200.

Dowra Mart had 190 cattle on offer on the same day, and reported that trade was slightly livelier than it had been before Christmas, with a strong Northern Ireland demand pushing up prices.

Forward store bullocks and heifers made from €200-400 over, while a few fancy lots for shipping made up to €500 over. Lighter stores and weanlings made, on average, €150-400 over for the better lots. Dry cows made from €100 under for the older cows and up to €150 over for the better quality younger cows.

Bullocks achieved €220-460 over at Headford Mart on Saturday, where heifers prices ranged from €140-420 over. Suckler cows sold for €650-1,250/hd. Weanling bulls made €200-500 over and weanling heifers achieved €50-375 over.

Mart manager Joe Wynne appealed for store heifers (400-550kg) for feedlots, and bulls for bull beef on a weekly basis to meet demand.

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Kilkenny Mart had a smaller sale on Thursday, though trade was described as sharper for cull cows and beef heifers in particular. There was a limited number of beef bullocks on offer, and quality store heifers were the best sellers on the day.

Bullocks over 600kg made €195-400 over, bullocks between 500 and 600kg made €200-450 over, bullocks between 400 and 500kg sold for €55-300 over and bullocks under 400kg made €50-340 over. Beef heifers sold for €270-410 over, butcher heifers made €220-300 over and store heifers posted €80-220 over. Friesian cull cows sold from €280 under to €50 over, while the continental cull cows achieved from €30 under to €330 over.

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