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Wednesday 21 February 2018

North dairy boss eyeing milk suppliers in South

Declan O'Brien

Declan O'Brien

The last week has been a frantic one in the liquid milk scene, with confirmation of Aurivo taking over the contract to supply SuperValu with its own brand milk and the decision by the Co Monaghan-based Emmett Group to exclusively supply Linwood Dairy in the North.

However, further changes could be in the offing if the views of Strathroy director Rory Cunningham are anything to go by.

Mr Cunningham admitted that the Omagh-based dairy would be interested in talking with more liquid milk suppliers in the South if the proposal made logistical sense.

"We already have suppliers in Donegal but if [Southern] farmers want to talk to us we'd certainly be interested," Mr Cunningham said.

"It comes down to logistics. Obviously a single farmer in Clonakilty wouldn't be of interest, but if we can fill a tanker in an area then we'd be willing to talk. If farmers want to talk, then we'll talk."


Mr Cunningham said Strathroy was sourcing a percentage of its throughput from other milk processors but was more interested in dealing with farmer suppliers.

"The more milk we can buy from the farmer directly the better," he pointed out.

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Strathroy process up to 120m litres at their Omagh facility, but Mr Cunningham said the company would be interested in sourcing a further 10m to 20m litres.

He admitted that getting that much milk together would take a "bit of gathering" but said Strathroy was in no particular hurry to grow its supplier base.

"This is an ongoing process. We're always talking to farmers; some you get over the line, you don't get others."

However, Mr Cunningham refuted suggestions that Strathroy had approached farmers in the north Dublin, Meath and Louth area, with a view to switching dairies.

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