Farm Ireland

Thursday 14 December 2017

No to single milk processor

Connacht Gold boss Aaron Forde has predicted that greater processing and marketing requirements for the projected 50pc increase in milk supplies post 2015 will result in greater collaboration in the dairy sector.

However, Mr Forde rejected the suggestion that milk processing should be concentrated in one or two major sites. While he accepted that bigger processing plants would be more efficient, he said such units would not be as flexible as the current manufacturing platform.

Retailers take a hit on beef price

Retailers have been forced to subsidise beef prices due to continuing supply shortages and high prices, Paul Nolan of Dawn Meats has claimed.

Mr Nolan said retailers had been forced to "take a hit" because consumers were reluctant to pay higher beef prices. However, tighter cattle numbers meant processors had to pay well for stock.

Mr Nolan was reluctant to be drawn on the beef price for the rest of the year. However, he said it needed to be around €4/kg in the winter and €3.60/kg in the summer.

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