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No fears over availability of cereal sprays say suppliers

Agro-chemical suppliers have assured tillage growers that there will be no scarcity of sprays for crops, despite fears that spray would be in short supply.

An earlier start to the spraying schedule, driven by strong crop growth in March, as well as an increase in spring sowings, had caused concern that spray supplies would be inadequate.

However, representatives of Bayer, BASF and Sygenta have assured growers that there were adequate supplies of all chemicals in the country.

Denis O'Donovan from Bayer said all distributors of its products would receive what they had ordered.

"We had anticipated an increase in winter barley and winter wheat acreage and, although nobody had accounted for the increase in spring barley sowings, there will be enough agro-chemicals in the country for farmers," he said.

BASF spokesman Kevin Geraghty said that while some popular brands of sprays might run out, there would be alternatives available to growers.

He warned that there would only be a limited quantity of Adexar, a fungicide used on wheat, barley and oats, this year.

"It's a new product so supplies are limited," he said. "Technically, it's a very strong product and has been proven to be effective in a year with severe disease pressure so there is likely to be strong demand for it."

Corbel, a mildew spray, has also been in strong demand, although Mr Geraghty said the company had enough of the chemical in stock to cope with grower requirements.

Syngenta spokesman Billy Cotter insisted there was no shortage of sprays from his company, with the exception of some growth regulators.

However, he maintained this was due to a time lag between early crop development and spray deliveries.

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