No CAP in key paper on the EU -- Macra

Macra has expressed alarm that no reference to agriculture or the CAP has been made in a European Commission consultation document on the EU's future.

The paper, entitled Agenda 2020, contains Commission president Manuel Barosso's vision of where the EU should be in 2020. The final strategy document will be put to the EU's governments at their meeting this spring.

Macra said the stance being adopted by the EU Commission on its future policies was "worrying".

"The absence of any reference to the tried and tested instruments of a Common Agricultural Policy and Cohesion Funds is a serious flaw in this document," a Macra statement read.

"These instruments have been the building blocks of the European Union, and no good reason has been advanced for their omission."

The only tangible reference to agriculture in the document is in the context of climate change, claims Macra.

Macra recently participated in the European Congress of Young Farmers, held in Seville, Spain.

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