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Friday 20 July 2018

Nitrates briefings now in full swing

THE SECOND of four briefings ahead of the nitrates review takes place in Moorepark, Fermoy, at 7.30pm tonight.

The Teagasc-organised meetings opened at Kildalton College last night, and similar events will be held in its Athenry centre tomorrow and Ballyhaise College on Thursday.

Farmers are urged to attend the briefings to hear Teagasc's proposed changes to the nitrates rules, which the authority says will be more workable for farmers while not jeopardising the environment.

Clona Dairies land ferry service deal

Clona Dairies, one of the co-ops in the west Cork group, has agreed a sponsorship deal with Fastnet Line, which operates the Swansea to Cork Ferry.

The ferry service was reinstated in March after a four-year absence and more than 20,000 people and 10,000 vehicles have been carried on the ferry since then.

Clona Dairies got prominent advertising space on the ferry by its sponsorship but also won the on-board milk supply contract, which was awarded on a competitive tender basis.

Teagasc grass breeding event

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Teagasc and the Department of Agriculture are to host a major grass breeding and evaluation conference on October 14 and 15.

'Grasses for the Future' will attract national and international interest from grass breeders, evaluators, merchants, advisers, farmers and researchers.

The focus will be on livestock production requirements from perennial ryegrass as a feed source in temperate climates.

IFA calls for Smith REPS 3 assurances

IFA president John Bryan has urged Agriculture Minister Brendan Smith to provide certainty for 25,000 farmers exiting REPS 3 who wish to continue in an environmental programme on their farms.

Mr Bryan said the farmers must be accommodated in the new Agri Environment Options Scheme (AEOS) next year.

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