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'Some locals had to be involved': Kerry farmer on €25k worth of machinery being stolen from his land


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Part-time farmer and farm machinery salesman, Dermot Clancy, believes there was some local knowledge involved in a significant break in at his property two years ago.

Clancy who lives near Listowel in Kerry believes the thieves were given detailed information about his land and the terrain around his farm.

Speaking to the Sean O'Rourke show on RTE radio this week he estimated almost €25,000 worth of equipment was taken in the raid.

"They took a gator which is a little quad and a number of other implements out of the farm.

"They were taken out through the fields. Everything was in a lock-up compound, but they came in and cut the lock off the gate and took it across the main road and left the stuff in a field.

"There was a truck in the local village about two miles away parked up for about two hours waiting to collect the stuff.

"At the time it (the quad) was worth about €18,000. They drove off with that and took about another €6,000-€7,000 worth of equipment.

Clancy was struck by how brazen the gang were during the raid.

"They walked to the cameras and started waving to see if we had a beam system in the yard.

"Its a common thing in all over North Kerry/West Limerick and other parts of the country.

"Close on 70 quads and gators stolen here in the last number of years. There had to be some locals involved in this as well," he said.

"When you are living in the same place all your life, and you're not used to any intruders, and you're used to having privacy.

"To go out into your farmyard and see something stolen out of it

"It's a total worry. It upsets the whole place. You would be having nightmares," he said.

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