New analysis shows burglaries up in more than half the country

PhoneWatch Burglary Report
PhoneWatch Burglary Report

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The burglary rate increased by more than the national average in no less than 18 counties, according to a new analysis conducted by PhoneWatch.

Ireland experienced a modest rise in the rate of burglaries in 2017 with a 3pc increase according to figures released by the CSO and An Garda Siochána.

While statistics released recently by the Gardaí indicate the rate may be continuing to decline in 2018, the Phonewatch analysis shows there are significant regional variations.

In total, there were 19,092 burglaries in Ireland last year.

The PhoneWatch Burglary Report shows burglaries fell in five counties, however the burglary rate increased by more than the national average in no less than 18 counties, with a worrying 8 counties showing increases in excess of 30pc.

The commuter belt was particularly badly hit, the highest increase in the country recorded in Westmeath (44pc), while there were also significant increases in Kildare, Wicklow and Meath.

Speaking about the figures PhoneWatch Managing Director, Eoin Dunne said “Burglary remains all too common in Ireland, however it is particularly concerning that so many counties have experienced significant increases in the last year. 

“After several years of welcome falls any increase in burglary is a concern, but it is vital that efforts are taken to address the blackspots.

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“With the summer hopefully around the corner there are specific risks that can be avoided. Burglary thankfully remains a largely opportunistic crime, so homeowners can make their homes considerably safer by taking simple precautions and steps to make their homes less vulnerable.

PhoneWatch research shows that almost 40pc of burglars enter through the back of the house. This can often be as windows and doors are left open in warmer weather.

Garden tools are also often used as implements to gain access to houses, while unlocked garages and sheds can prove easy targets.

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