Gardai warn farmers to be vigilant after theft of jeep, wallet, and phone from Limerick farms

Tractor drawing bales in the sunshine. Stock image.
Tractor drawing bales in the sunshine. Stock image.

Gardai have advised farmers in particular to be vigilant of their personal property after two farmers were robbed in separated incidents in Co Limerick.

Ber Leetch, Crime Prevention Officer attached to Henry Street garda station, said two recent incidents highlighted the need for the farming community to be aware of their security as they worked long hours during the summer season.

“Gardai received a report from a farmer in the Hospital area who was loading round bales onto a truck when he saw a car with two males pull up by his tractor and one male jumped out."

"This male climbed into the cab of the tractor, jumped back out and into the car which was driven off with speed.”

"The farmer tried to stop them, but it all happened in seconds; The farmer discovered that his wallet and phone had been taken."

Sergeant Leetch said the second incident involved the theft of a jeep.

“A farmer in Kilmallock reported to Gardai that when he returned to his home from milking his cows he discovered that his jeep was missing.

He quickly realised that a thief had entered his house through the unlocked back door and taken the keys of his jeep and driven off in it."

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"It is very important to keep your property with you at all times or leave it in a safe and secure place," Sgt Leetch said.

"Also, lock up your home even if you believe that you will only be gone from it for a very short time," she added.

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