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Sunday 16 December 2018

Gardai seek help locating owner of feeder gates

The gates that Gardai are trying to find the owner of.
The gates that Gardai are trying to find the owner of.

Eoghan MacConnell

Gardai are seeking to locate the owner of recovered stolen cattle feeder gates.

Kilkenny Gardai posted an image of the recovered property on their Facebook page and are asking for help from the public to trace the owner.

It comes after neighbouring Gardai in Carlow published a number of pictures of recovered machinery, including tractors and power tools, in an effort to help in find the owners of tractors and farm machinery they recovered in recent searches.

Carlow Gardai conducted follow up searches in past week following recent seizure of power tools.

A number of machines were seized and Gardai will be holding a viewing of the machinery in the hope of locating the owners of the machinery.

A viewing day for all property seized will be advertised in coming weeks. The haul also includes two Ivor Williams trailers, chain saws and tools.

These recent seizures and previous operations targeting the theft of property in Kilkenny/Carlow Division were conducted under Operation Trojan.

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