Farming family reunited with pet dog taken in back of stolen jeep

Patch has been found safe and well.
Patch has been found safe and well.

Louise Walsh

A farming family, who was left devastated after their beloved sheepdog was in the back of a jeep when it was robbed last week, have been reunited with their precious pet.

'Patch' the pedigree collie was in the back of a blue land cruiser taken from a farm in Rathmolyon, Co. Meath last Thursday, as the owner Declan Regan left the vehicle momentarily to check on one of his lambs.

"My father got out for two minutes to check on a lamb and came out to see the jeep flying along up the lane.  Patch was in the back and we were driven with worry," said Declan's son Roman (19).

"Patch is fantastic with our sheep and cows but can be vicious with strangers," he added. 

However the family are now rejoicing after Trim gardai rang last Friday afternoon to say the dog had been found.

"A man who had heard about Patch, saw a collie in Dunsany woods - which is about 20 minutes drive from us - and rang Trim Gardai about it."

Although delighted to have their four-year old black and white pooch back, the Regan's have to tread carefully with Patch who is now terrified and very wary of people.

"The poor dog. Whoever took the jeep must have dumped him.

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" I don't know if he was beaten but he's certainly nervous and terrified.  He'll just about let us near him gradually.  He's agitated and very scared and won't even let a vet treat him for a nasty cut under his eye.

"We'll just have to give him a lot of love and care to make him feel secure again but we're just happy and relieved to get him back," said Roman.

The stolen jeep which is still missing, is not the only thing taken from the farm in recent months, according to Roman

"We had some diesel taken from us and we had a Hudson trailer taken from this farm five months ago.  We're in the process now of getting more security around the place,"he added.

Anyone with any information on the stolen jeep - a blue coloured Toyota Land Cruiser - can contact Trim gardai on 046 9481540

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