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Tuesday 11 December 2018

Former farming leader looks to contest European elections for Fianna Fail

John Comer, former ICMSA President.
John Comer, former ICMSA President.
Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

The former President of ICMSA is looking to get elected to Europe in next year's European Parliament elections.

John Comer, who was president of the ICMSA from 2000 until his second term ended at the end of last year, has been nominated by his local Fianna Fail Cumman to contest the election.

His nomination was confirmed at a meeting of the organisation over the weekend, where he was proposed by Councillor Blackie Gavin and seconded by Councillor Al McDonnell, the Connaught Tribune reports.

While he admitted last year that returning to full-time farming will be a “big transition” for him, he said he was looking forward to it and referred to advice his father gave him when he was younger.

“My father used to always advise me to get on in the world, keep an open mind and keep a clean shirt. It will be a big transition but I always enjoyed farming. My son will be with me and my two daughters as well. It is truly a family farm. We’ll see what happens.”

However, he also said that if a political opportunity arose he would be interested in pursuing it.

“I have a passion for being able to influence situations that would be to the betterment of our country and of our people and I certainly wouldn’t put myself up there that I can do that in any greater capacity that anybody else but if an opportunity arises where I can do that, that’s good but if not I’ll be happy milking cows," he said.

The father of three speaking to FarmIreland from Brussels today said that it was extremely flattering to have been put forward by his local Cumman and he has a very strong interest in European politics.

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His nomination will go forward to the Mayo Fianna Fáil Dáil Ceanntair.

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