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DUP’s Frew under fire over meeting with woman who abused Swann online


Paul Frew. Credit: Liam McBurney

Paul Frew. Credit: Liam McBurney

Paul Frew. Credit: Liam McBurney

The former Economy Minister has come under fire for apparently meeting with a woman who has urged the Health Minister to “remember the Nuremberg Code”.

The Nuremberg Code was established after the Second World War in an effort to ensure there would never again be a repeat of the grotesque and cruel human experiments that were carried out in German concentration camps.

Paul Frew, a DUP MLA in north Antrim, the constituency which has the postcode with the highest Covid-19 death rate in Northern Ireland, has posted on Twitter that it was “lovely” to meet Pam Murdock.

His comment was in response to a post on Twitter on Saturday in which Ms Murdock paid tribute to Mr Frew for his “hard work and dedication”.

She said: “Absolutely amazing meeting you today. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. It’s so comforting knowing we have someone listening to us. We are behind you all the way.”

Last week, which saw Mr Swann endure a barrage of abuse after the Executive voted to introduce vaccine passports, Ms Murdock tagged the UUP politician in a Twitter post and said: “It’s long time past the time you were gone from your post as health minister.

“Remember the Nuremberg code. You will be held accountable some day for the discrimination you are creating in NI again. You’ve sold your soul. Shame on you.”

Responding to Mr Frew’s tweet, UUP leader Doug Beattie said: “I find it disturbing that Paul Frew, a former DUP minister, is associating with people who are making derogatory comments about Robin Swann, calling for him to go in the same sentence as mentioning the Nuremberg Code.

“This comes days after all sorts of threats and abuse targeting the Health Minister have resulted in police making an arrest. To try and associate decisions made in the midst of a pandemic with the aftermath of Second World War Nazi Germany is beneath contempt.

“As a politician, Paul Frew should be doing all he can to calm the rhetoric rather than stand by and watch the language becoming more inflamed. The comments made online would also seem to indicate that Paul Frew actually attended the rally outside Belfast City Hall on Saturday where a swastika was displayed.

“Comparing Covid vaccines and vaccine certification with the Holocaust is absolutely sick and should be condemned. At the rally, speakers also name-checked the Health Minister, Chief Medical Officer, Michelle O’Neill and even his own party leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson.”

Mr Frew was asked for comment but said he can only speak with permission from the DUP press office. A party spokesman said: “There is no place for abuse or threats directed against any elected representative and it is incumbent upon everyone to encourage proper standards of behaviour, including in online comments."

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