Ag committee Brexit report recommends supplementing CAP funding from the Exchequer

Photo: AFP/Getty Images
Photo: AFP/Getty Images

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Consideration should be given to supplementing CAP funding from the Exchequer for the proposed CAP post-2020, the Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine has recommended in an updated report on Brexit and its impact on Irish Agri-food.

The Joint Committee also recommends that Ireland’s customs posts can be sufficiently staffed before 29 March 2019, particularly in the event that a “no-deal” scenario materialises.

It further says that physical customs infrastructure be developed to ensure that there is no disruption to the smooth flow of goods.

The ‘Second Report on the Impact of Brexit on the Irish Agri-Food and Fisheries Sectors’ builds upon the First Report, which was published in February 2017.

Commenting on the report, Committee Chair Pat Deering TD, said, “Brexit is a constantly evolving process and it is for that reason that the Joint Committee chose to produce a second report. Irish agri-food and fisheries sectors will be adversely affected by the UK departure from the EU and the Committee wished to publish an up to date report on the challenges and potential solutions.

“The Joint Committee recommends that consideration be given to supplementing CAP funding from the Exchequer for the proposed CAP post-2020.

"This measure would insulate farmers from the uncertainty that Brexit has created, which is compounded by concerns over CAP reform.”

Deputy Deering said the Committee believes that the potential of the role that state aid could play in guaranteeing the survival of certain sectors should be explored.

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"State aid could play a role in the survival of those agri-food and fisheries sectors most vulnerable to Brexit,” he said.

He said that it is prudent to plan for the worst-case scenario, while ensuring that ample supports are in place to mitigate disruption caused by the UK departure.

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