Mowers at the ready: Met Eireann says dry and settled weather could extend into next week

Silage season set to get into full swing this week.
Silage season set to get into full swing this week.

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The silage season is set to get into full swing later this week with Met Eireann forcasting a sustained period dry weather.

Recent weeks has brought relief to farmers after one of the worst springs in many years with strong grass growth across the country.

While the weather will improve later in the week there will be rain in many areas this morning, Met Eireann has said.

East coasts will be mainly dry though and these drier conditions will extend further inland during the day.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, will be dry with sunny spells. Maximum temperatures 13 to 18 degrees, coolest in Atlantic coastal counties and possibly up to 19 degrees in the southeast.

Wednesday will be dry, with sunshine. Met Eireann says it will be warm, with temperatures into the low 20s in many areas, especially in the midwest, west and northwest.

On Thursday and Friday most areas will be dry, with sunny intervals.

However, there is a possibility of some heavy, thundery showers developing, especially in parts of the south and west.

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Winds will be mostly moderate, east to northeast in direction, with sea breezes developing by day. Warm, with maximum temperatures in the low 20s in many areas, but it will be cooler on coasts, with sea breezes.

Early indications suggest that it will remain warm and mostly dry during the weekend, with some sunshine and just a slight chance of a few scattered showers.

Daytime temperatures will continue to reach the low 20s away from exposed coasts and may reach the mid 20s in a few spots.

Looking further ahead Met Eireann says current indications are that it will remain warm and mostly dry for the early days of next week, though the forecast could change.

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