'Teagasc courses must not be tick-box exercises'

Brian Rushe
Brian Rushe

IFA election candidates called for a review of Teagasc courses to ensure that they are not a "tick-box exercise" and are worthwhile for young farmers.

Addressing farmers at the recent IFA election hustings in Ballincollig, Co Cork, deputy presidential candidate Brian Rushe (pictured) said: "I would like to see a review of some of the Teagasc courses just to make sure they are fit for purpose.

"Farmers have never had to be so connected to science, understanding PR, communications. These are the places we're going to win the challenges in the future."

Meanwhile, in response to a farmer who questioned whether all Teagasc courses were "full and in-depth" presidential candidate John Coughlan said courses cannot just be "tick-boxes", and his rival Angus Woods added that they must be credible.

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"Education should never be about ticking boxes, it should be about equipping people to do the best job at what they want to do in the future," said Mr Woods.

"No course should be set up so you can breeze through and that's all. It needs a strong look at, needs to be credible.

"If people are going to give up their time to do courses, they need to be well worth doing."

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