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Wednesday 16 January 2019

Concern over changes to farm-to-farm movement certificates

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ICMSA's Lorcan McCabe. Photo: Kieran Clancy
Claire Fox

Claire Fox

The Department's proposed changes to farm-to-farm movement certs are "too restrictive and could lead to penalties", ICMSA deputy president Lorcan McCabe has warned.

The proposed changes include farmers specifying the destination herd on the form for a Certificate of Compliance in order for the Department to "know the actual location of animals to underpin a robust traceability system".

It also proposed to reduce the validity period of the Certificate of Compliance from 30 to seven days to "address the misuse of the 30-day period" which has "the potential to impact negatively on TB".

Mr McCabe said these changes would only restrict farmers and could lead to penalties during the busy spring period.

"The proposal to include the destination herd will hit calf sales specifically, restrict farmers' options and add to paperwork, while the reduced validity period is simply too restrictive and does not recognise the practical day-to-day issues on farms, particularly at this intensively busy time of year.

The proposals will add to an already huge workload and on that basis they shouldn't proceed," said Mr McCabe.

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