Watch: Two injured as runaway bull goes on two-hour rampage through town


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Sinead Kelleher

Two local people were injured in Macroom in Cork last week when a runaway bull went on the rampage around the town for more than two hours after he escaped from the mart area, where he was being sold. 

The Corkman reports that the mart was closed at the time of the incident but the seller and buyer had agreed to meet at the mart to exchange the animal.  

The Limousin bull ran up and down the Main Street of the town, just after 5pm, last Wednesday, before making his way into local housing estates in the town where he frightened adults and children.  

One of those injured was Sheila Murphy from Castle Court Estate in Macroom who this week 'thanked her lucky stars' that she had made it to safety. 

Sheila has been erecting a basketball court and hoop in the green area of the estate for her son, Bobby, when the bull ran into the estate. She immediately attempted to run to safety but the animal managed to 'glance off' her as he fled the scene. 

"I was out in the green area and he came up right beside me. He was pawing the ground and I was just standing there. There was people chasing him and the Landrovers came in and they shouted at me to run," recalled Sheila.

Sheila ran around a tree and the pair eyed each other before he made a bolt for her and 'got her on the side'. She attempted to flee from him and fell to the ground while making her escape, grazing her hands and knees before she made it to the safety of her home. 

She later attended South Doc who advised her to attend Cork University Hospital, where she had to wait hours before being seen. 

"He thought maybe I had damaged my kidneys but all was okay. I'm telling you, if I wasn't fit I wouldn't have got away. Luckily, no-one was killed. I thank my lucky stars that I got away." 

Another person, a man, was also injured by the bull and he had to go to hospital to seek medical attention following his encounter with the animal.  The man was named locally as Cornelius 'Con' Lehane, a local lorry driver, and The Corkman understands that he is back at home this week and was not seriously injured in the incident.

Damage was also caused to parked cars and to a wall of a house by the bull as attempts were made to catch the runaway animal.  Gardaí, the farmers and a local vet all helped to capture the bull, who was eventually cornered into a cul de sac where it took some time to get the panicked animal onto a trailer and to safety.

Meanwhile, lorry driver Con Lehane may also be thanking his lucky stars that he was not more seriously injured in his brush with the bull as he has a date on TV later this week in the gameshow Winning Streak. 

In fact, Con was selected to appear on the National Lottery show on RTE 1 just days after he retired from his job as a lorry driver.  Con (70) was watching the show with his pet Chihuahua dog, Geoff, two weeks ago, when he heard his name being called out to appear this Saturday, May 19. Originally from Kilmichael, Con moved to Macroom with his wife, Philomena, several years ago where they built their home.

Rampaging bull aside, Con told the people at the National Lottery that retirement is treating him well so far, but old habits die hard and he is still getting up early in the mornings.

 A keen GAA fan and supporter of Cork hurling and football, with more time on his hands he is looking forward to attending more GAA matches. He also enjoys road bowling and plays with the club in Terelton, Macroom.