Warning to owners as another dog shot

A renewed call for dog owners to keep their pets under control was made last week after another dog was shot after it was found worrying sheep in a field on the Cooley peninsula.

Local farmer and IFA Rural Development chairman, Matthew McGreehan told The Argus that the dog was spotted in the field at Grange with pregnant ewes, some of which were actually giving birth.

'It was attacking the ewes and luckily enough Eoin White, chairperson of the Louth IFA sheepfarmers, was passing and raised the alarm,' says Matthew. 'A neighbour who had a gun then shot the dog before it could do any more damage.'

He said that the sheep, which had been checked by the farmer who owned them a short time earlier, were very badly traumatised and some of them were physically injured.

'There were about 60 sheep in the field at the time of the attack. Some of them had lambs with them and others were actually in labour.'

The dog warden was notified and the owner was traced as the dog was micro chipped and had accepted responsibility.

'It was an Alsatian/German Sheppard and we are seeing more of these restricted breeds,' said Matthew. 'The dog was on its own which shows that dogs will attack sheep on their own and don't have to be with other dogs, contrary to what people may think.'

He said when farmers shoot dogs which are attacking their sheep they do so humanely. 'Sheep which are killed by dogs get an awful death - they are pulled asunder. There have even been cases of pet lambs being killed which is very upsetting for children.'

He also called for tighter laws in regarding the micro-chipping of dog and for the setting up of an all-island data base and more for resources for the dog warden service so that it can give an after hours service.

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