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Tuesday 11 December 2018

'They're scaring calves and stealing their nuts' - crow 'epidemic' highlighted in Limerick

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A Limerick councillor says there is an epidemic of crows in the county.

Neither man nor beast are safe from the birds, Cllr Eddie Ryan said at a meeting of the Cappamore-Kilmallock municipal district. 

"I've seen a flock of them fly low over young calves in fields to move them away from troughs. They then eat the nuts in the troughs. They are able to boss the calves. I’ve seen magpies peck calves to get them away from the nuts but not crows – they’re not that brazen,” said Cllr Ryan.

The bold birds are also damaging precious fodder.

“One year I had 156 bales and every one of them had to be repaired from crows pecking at them. They are vermin that are destroying fodder. They are a nuisance,” said Clllr Ryan.

It is hard enough to get some shut eye during the heatwave but cawing crows are also playing havoc with sleep patterns of those living in the county.

“There is an epidemic of crows. They’re everywhere. The population of crows hasn’t just doubled, it has tripled. They start cawing every morning at 4am,” said Cllr Ryan. It isn’t a dawn chorus that he or those that he represents appreciate.

“They are all over my area [Galbally]. Every morning they start up at 4am. One woman came home from England to live with her mother. She said she was woken by them at 4am every morning for two weeks and couldn’t get back to sleep. She actually forgot about it but they’re still there and we’re not getting used to it,” said Cllr Ryan.

Locals even got in teleporters to take down nests it has gotten so bad, he said.

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