Teleporter used in killing due to be returned to farmer's family

The teleporter. Photo: RTÉ News
The teleporter. Photo: RTÉ News
Wayne O'Connor

Wayne O'Connor

The teleporter used as a weapon in the death of a farmer in Co Kerry during a row over a crow banger is to be returned to the killer's family.

The vehicle with forklift-type prongs was a crucial piece of evidence in the trial of farmer Michael Ferris (63). He was jailed last week for five years for manslaughter. A jury found him not guilty of murder but guilty of the manslaughter of farmer Anthony O’Mahony (73).

Michael Ferris. Photo: Mark Condren
Michael Ferris. Photo: Mark Condren

Sources told the Sunday Independent they expect the machinery to be returned to Ferris’s family now the trial has concluded.

A Garda spokesman said returning evidence is par for the course “typically, when all court cases have fully concluded”.

“This process may take some time,” he added.

Gardai said they could not discuss the return of evidence in relation to specific cases for operational reasons.

It has not been confirmed when the teleporter will be returned to the Ferris farm.

However, sources with knowledge of the case confirmed it is likely to be returned “in the near future”.

Frank Buttimer, solicitor for Ferris, said he was aware of the intention the teleporter was to be returned. “My understanding is that the teleporter is still in a garda yard in Kerry and I believe it is intended to be returned to the Ferris family.”

Ferris admitted unlawfully killing Mr O’Mahony on the morning of April 4, 2017. Mr O’Mahony’s car was penetrated by the prongs of the teleporter. He was left with catastrophic injuries.

He offered a plea of manslaughter prior to the trial and expressed remorse and sorrow for his actions.

Mr O’Mahony’s brother Seamus told the Sunday Independent: “We would like Anthony to be remembered as a man who worked hard and enjoyed what he did. He didn’t deserve what happened to him.”

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