Sunny days ahead but is the big chill looming?

Donegal Postman turned Weatherman Michael Gallagher
Donegal Postman turned Weatherman Michael Gallagher
Claire Fox

Claire Fox

Ireland can expect at least 40 sunny days this summer, according to New Zealand weather forecaster Ken Ring.

Mr Ring, who specialises in long-range forecasting by examining lunar, tidal and solar cycles, said that a freezing winter is often followed by a good summer and that's what Ireland can expect over the coming months.

He told the Farming Independent that from May 11-22, farmers can look forward to a two-week taste of summer sunshine.

"May 17 will be above 20°C but these types of days will come for four or five days at a time throughout the season," he said.

From May 28 and for most of June there will be widespread rain and unsettled conditions but it will come right in the last week of the month with very warm conditions.

The start of July will be wet followed by summery weather from July 4-10 and patchy showers until July 20. The best spells of dry weather will be from the end of July will be from July 26-August 4.

Asked whether we'd get a heatwave Mr Ring said: "It will be a nice season with bursts of brilliant weather and it will remind the older folk of the sun experienced in 1959 and will be a much better summer than last year."

Weather-forecasting Donegal postman Michael Gallagher is also predicting a good summer, saying "the farmers are going to be happy at long last".

However, the news from the professional climatologists is chilling.

A new report from researchers at NUIG and the University of Maine in the US speculates that Ireland could be at the beginning of a cycle of much colder winters and far hotter summers.

The research found that the Gulf Stream is at its weakest in 1,600 years and that this weakening can often lead to sudden changes in seasonal weather patterns.

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