Met Éireann predicts a wet week ahead

Evie Kearney

It looks like summer may truly be over for another year, with Met Éireann forecasting a wet week ahead.

Last week's torrential rain led to localised flooding and widespread power outages, but luckily it should not get as bad this week.

The national forecaster said to expect plenty of scattered showers throughout the week, as well as a slight drop in temperatures, particularly during the night time.

It is not all gloom though, as forecasters predict the country might be able to look forward to some fully dry days over the week as well.

"Shallow fog patches" are expected to form overnight and while today looks to be mostly dry, Met Éireann could not rule out "occasional thunderous downpours" in the afternoon.

Later tonight, periods of clear and dry weather will be accompanied by low temperatures of between 6C and 9C. Tomorrow will be equally unsettled, "staying dry and pleasant in most areas for daylight hours".

However, rain is expected to return to parts of the south and south-west throughout the evening.

In terms of the temperature, the country might get a high of 19C during the day, before the "scattered falls of heavy rain" appear nationwide overnight.

The rain will clear up on Wednesday morning and, although the scattered showers will never be too far away, a top temperature of 20C is expected by the forecasting group, before it gets cooler again after dark.

The rest of the week will continue to be a mixed bag of sunny spells and light showers, with cooler temperatures at night.

Not everyone will be able to appreciate the drier days of this week, however, as the pollen forecast is set to increase from low to moderate, beginning tomorrow.

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