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Landowners across Cork approached by windfarm companies seeking land


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Landowners in Mid and North Cork have been approached by windfarm companies seeking land, sparking fears that rural parts of the county could be overun by turbines.

One of the potential developers, VSB Renewable Energy Ireland, has written to landowners in Mallow expressing interest in land in the region.

VSB Renewable Energy Ireland is situated in Dublin, and has been operating as a project developer for wind farm projects since 2017, according to its online profile.

The letter says ‘your land has potential’ and invites the landowner to discuss ‘commercial co-operation’.

It states that the VSB have undertaken a nation-wide assessment of all areas suitable for wind farm development and that this land is suitable for a windfarm.

Similar letters have also been sent to landowners in Macroom and Millstreet among other locations in a bid to develop windfarm projects leading from Millstreet to Mallow and Macroom. 

VSB is believed to be only one of a number of windfarm companies currently scouting the area for land.

Concerned members in local communities in these areas are to meet with other windfarm activists in a bid to get their advice on the situation they are facing.

It is expected that a campaign will begin against such plans.

No planning application has been lodged and this is only the first step in what is a very long process.

The news for potential new windfarm plans come as one of Ireland’s biggest windfarms on the Cork/Kerry border nears completion with 38 turbines up and running when the project is completed.

Currently the turbines are being delivered to the wind farm three nights a week form Ringaskiddy in Cork. The  farm is being developed by the ESB and it is hoped to be completed by the end of the year.

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