Irish Water to help farmers with urgent animal welfare concerns

Farmers are also being asked to use dry-cleaning techniques such as scrapers and brushes to remove solid waste from yards and pens.
Farmers are also being asked to use dry-cleaning techniques such as scrapers and brushes to remove solid waste from yards and pens.
Ciaran Moran

Ciaran Moran

Irish Water has said that it is in touch with the farming organisations and offering assistance where water shortage is leading to animal welfare concerns.

In critical situations we will accommodate farmers who need to collect water by tanker where it can be made available to meet urgent needs.

Irish Water is asking farmers to check for overflowing troughs and incorrectly set or damaged ball-valves which can waste significant amounts of water.

On dairy farms it is asking that clean plate cooling water can be diverted to a tank and used for parlour washing.

Farmers are also being asked to use dry-cleaning techniques such as scrapers and brushes to remove solid waste from yards and pens before hosing or a small amount of water (e.g. one bucket) to pre-soak waste before cleaning.

Further farmers are being asked to regularly check their private pipework on the farm to detect leaks.

Inspect the ground above your pipes for visible signs such as unusually damp ground, lusher than expected vegetation.

As the warm weather continues, the demands on water supplies is outstripping the supply in several areas around the country, including the Greater Dublin Area, with increased demand at 10pc above normal or more.

Irish Water has also mobilised tankers across the country to fill reservoirs that are most at risk to protect water supplies and ensure customers have access to water.

It said it is closely monitoring the water supply situation on the Aran Islands and we are ready to commence shipping water to the islands in the coming weeks as necessary.

Irish Water is working with local authorities to do everything possible to conserve water available, examining how we can make further inroads into leakage and seeking maximum public cooperation in saving water.

This requires that non-essential uses are stopped while the crisis lasts and the company is drafting Drought Orders to ban such uses for schemes in crisis.

Irish Water will continue to encourage and support the public in their conservation efforts and we are grateful for all measures that have been taken in homes and businesses.

In the last two days the utility has also been in touch with large commercial users who have committed to conserve water and we are very grateful to them for their efforts.

Record temperatures

It comes as Met Éireann forecaster Joanna Donnelly says the west of Ireland is gearing up for a record-breaking day, based on early morning temperatures recorded at Shannon.

Yesterday was the hottest June day on record since 1976, with Shannon Airport reaching 32 degrees in the evening.

However, that record may be shortlived.

This time yesterday, the temperature at Shannon was 15 degrees, and today, the temperature is at 16.8 degrees.

"There is a definite possibility that record will be broken," Joanna Donnelly told RTÉ's Morning Ireland.

"We'll wait and see. Either way, it will be a sunny day. Temperatures elsewhere will be widely over 30 degrees and between about 25 and 28 degrees in eastern and southern coastal counties."

Tomorrow will see something of a change with the chance of showers along the west coast, while temperatures are expected to gradually decline into next week.

Tomorrow there is something of a change, it will be mostly dry and hazy sunshine but there is a chance of a shower along the west coast, just the west coast.

"Although temperatures still high, they'll be starting to decline somewhat. A little uncertainty lingering over Monday, but overall again a warm and sunny day.

"The further outlook into the early days of next week is for continuing warm weather but not as hot as it was this week, with more manageable temperatures. For today though, we're watching those highest temperatures."

Met Éireann has now extended the Status Yellow high temperature warning until 10pm Saturday night.


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