Ireland to oppose EU plans to scrap daylight saving time


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Cormac McQuinn

Cormac McQuinn

Ireland will oppose the EU's plans to scrap daylight saving time under proposals to be brought to Cabinet by Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan today.

The EU is seeking to abolish the twice-yearly clock change, but there are fears in Ireland that this could result in two time zones on the island after Brexit.

It is understood this is the main reason Mr Flanagan is expected to cite when seeking approval from his ministerial colleagues to oppose the EU's proposals.

The other reason for opposing the plan is concern it could result in a "patchwork" of different time zones across the EU, causing unnecessary confusion within the single market.

Mr Flanagan's decision comes amid recommendations made by an inter-departmental working group which studied the EU's proposals and conducted a public consultation exercise.

This included an opinion poll, a public survey and submissions from key stakeholders who raised issues relating to the impact on agriculture, education, utility costs and tourism.

The consultation found that while the public would generally favour lighter evenings in winter, 82pc of those surveyed opposed any measure that resulted in different time zones on the island of Ireland.

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