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Wednesday 23 January 2019

Investigation underway as dead animals and others in 'poor condition' found

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Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

An investigation is underway after a number of animals were found in ‘poor condition’ and one cow and one calf were found dead in a field in Monaghan.

Gardai confirmed that they attended the scene outside Clones, Monaghan, on Friday night, where a number of animals were found in poor condition in a field and two were dead.

The landowner, who spoke to said she discovered the animals, which she does not own, in her field on Friday morning and alerted Gardai to the situation.

“I went out on Friday morning to the meadow, which has a locked gate, to find someone had put the animals in my field and that one cow and calf were dead in the field. The other 16 animals are in a poor condition and I contacted the Gardai.”

According to the landowner, the cattle have tag numbers and the Department of Agriculture has been contacted.

Farmers across the country have been struggling in recent weeks and months as fodder shortages spread after a long, cold and wet winter stretched many farmer's feed capabilities.

One midlands-based knackery yard has said there has been "unprecedented" numbers of fallen animals in recent weeks, as animals are starving to death in "alarming numbers".

John Hastings, of Beechfield Products and Transport, Roscrea, said that he has seen a "dramatic increase in the last six weeks", with 200 animals a day coming to his facility on a daily basis.

He said the picture is very bleak on farms around the midlands in recent weeks and that other knackeries are inundated with sheep.

The fodder crisis is similar to that seen in 2013 has seen prices for feed and fodder skyrocket in recent months and the country was forced to import feed for cattle in recent weeks.

The north west of the country was particularly badly affected with the issue of poor spring weather compounded by the extremely we autumn in 2017 which has seen livestock housed in many parts for over eight months.

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