ICSA warns further meat plant protests may go ahead

Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

The ICSA has warned that further protests at meat plants may take place this week, as it enters discussions with Kepak Athleague.

Its protest outside Kepak Athleague was called off yesterday following discussions with Kepak management.

However, ICSA sheep chairman Sean McNamara who led the delegation said that there had been a robust exchange of views and that further talks were planned for Thursday with the protest halted until then.

However, Mr McNamara warned that if prices continue to fall there are no guarantees that there won't be further protests at various meat plants in the coming weeks.

“Both sides agreed that current prices were wholly unsatisfactory from a farmer’s perspective.

"ICSA is insisting that the continuous severe cuts on sheep price cannot continue and that sheep farmers cannot be expected to lose money. We also had a strong exchange of views on weight limits which at 20.5kg are totally unreasonable at this time of year.”

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