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Saturday 15 December 2018

How to apply for the fodder subsidy

The first shipment of fodder arriving in Buttevant County Cork for farmers.
Pic:Mark Condren.
The first shipment of fodder arriving in Buttevant County Cork for farmers. Pic:Mark Condren.
Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

The Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed announced a €1.5m financial contribution by his Department to help subsidise farmers who have to import fodder, in light of dwindling forage supplies in Ireland.

Under the measure, which will be run through a number of co-ops that have been approved by the Department of Agriculture, farmers looking to apply for subsidisation must follow some key rules.

  • Participating Co-operatives/Importers must be approved by DAFM to be eligible under this measure.
  • The participating Co-op/importer approval form must be completed and submitted to DAFM for acceptance into the Measure in advance.
  • Only forage imported into the country from other EU member states, not including Northern Ireland, will be eligible for the transport support contribution.
  • Eligible forage is defined as: bales of Hay, Haylage, Silage, Alfalfa and any other type of forage deemed acceptable to the Department.

The table below outlines the transport support contribution that will be payable by the Department to the participating Co-op/Importer on each bale of forage complying with the terms and conditions of this measure.

In the event of eligible applications in excess of the total budget available for the measure being received, the DAFM will implement reduced payments as appropriate.

The price the farmer pays for the forage must clearly exclude the full value of the Department's contribution.

All farmers who receive forage under this measure will be subject to the EU rules on de minimis aid as laid down in Commission Regulation (EU) No 1408/2013 regarding de minimis aid in the agricultural production sector.

The farmer shall pay the participating Co-operative/importer for the forage (excluding the transport cost contribution made by DAFM) in full. At the time of purchase, the farmer and the participating Co-op/importer must complete a Sale Declaration Form outlining the details of the purchase.

This form must be signed by both parties and certified by the Co-op/importer at the time of purchase. The declaration form is to be retained by the participating Co-op/importer as the basis for its claim for payment to the Department under the Measure. The completed Sales Declaration Forms must be made available to DAFM as part of the verification checks to be carried out.

The approved participating Co-op/importer must collate all the farmer declaration details and submit the relevant information in one single electronic submission. This submission must include:

  • Name and herd number of each farmer;
  • Date of sale of forage to farmer; and,
  • The number, size and type of bales that each farmer bought from the participating Co-op/importer.

Applications will be subject to verification, including Co-operative/importer inspections and on-farm inspections where necessary, by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. A single payment will be made to the approved participating Co-op/Importer.

All necessary forms for the fodder subsidy can be downloaded here.

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